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Mining Co.

Welcome to the
Boneyard Mining Company

We are committed to extracting the highest grade magic ore from the unwanted, discarded, overlooked or ignored ingredients within and around us. As Chief Assayer at the Boneyard Mining Company, Gourdy Ghouligan has mined more “magic” into this world than any other miner in Vulture City’s history. His blind optimism has
helped him to extract the most magical outcomes from the darkest of situations.

He doesn’t do this alone. Gourdy has a gang of hooligans who work as a team. The most extraordinary wishes are often cast while in moments of despair. When a wish is birthed in such heaviness it falls deep into the earth. Retrieving these wishes is a dangerous operation. Grimgore roams the depths of the mineshafts where he buries the dreams and wishes in thick layers of hardened fear and doubt. This is where the richest magic ore is formed….just waiting to be realized.

Boneyard Mining Company is the brainchild of Ray Villafane, a world renowned artist who specializes in sculpture. His body of work encompasses many diverse materials such as clay, wax, sand, sticks, stones, pumpkins and more. He has sculpted for such companies as Marvel, DC Comics, Blizzard and Warner Bros. He holds two Guinness World Records and has been recognized by Ripley’s Believe it or Not. His work has been featured on the Food Network, SyFy Channel, Martha Stewart and even at the White House. Ray intends to explore the storytelling possibilities of the Boneyard Mining Company while celebrating the rich history and backdrop of Vulture City.

Vulture City, Arizona. Now mining Magic!

Gourdy Ghouligan





exposing the magic

The ability to create magical things with ordinary ingredients resides within each of us.
My name is Ray Villafane and alchemizing chaos into art is what I do best.

Whether I’m up-cycling discarded items, building with sticks and stones or investing endless hours into fleeting materials…I’m always searching for clever and whimsical ways to see the world.

When it comes to creating, an ounce of playful optimism is worth it’s weight in gold.
Sharing this perspective through storytelling, experiences and workshops is my mission.
What better place to cultivate this vision than Arizona’s most historical gold mine…Vulture City.

Blending old history with new, I would like to invite you to join us for the grand opening of the Boneyard Mining Company’s Vulture City Field office. We are the worlds leading producer of high grade magic ore.

Because everyone can use a little magic in their life.

Vulture City Ghost Town, now mining magic.

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