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Paranormal at the vulture

Vulture City Ghost Town more than just fables — it lives today through its haunted buildings and dissolved ruins that sit above its miles of dark mine shafts. From mysterious footsteps echoing in the night to unexplained flickering lights, Vulture City beckons those curious enough to explore its haunted history. Here is a sampling of the whispers of the paranormal experienced on our Flashlight Ghost Tours.

The Vulture’s Roost is known for its elusive inhabitants and mysterious apparitions, accompanied by the eerie phenomena of phantom phone rings and haunting piano melodies. Within our Paranormal Corner lies a collection of Vulture’s most haunted artifacts. Central among them is Dollie, a porcelain doll under the ownership of the child spirit Izzy. Dollie is notorious for her uncanny movements, musical interludes, temperature spikes of up to 15 degrees, and a consistent high level of energy metering. Libby, a larger doll with a decade-long residency in the brothel, is inhabited by an adult female spirit. Libby displays energetic surges, movement, and communicates through investigative equipment. Baby shoes, once housed in the Doctor’s Office, emit remarkably high EMF readings, with captured photos showcasing streaks of energy and the formation of energy clouds around them.

The Blacksmith Shop is overseen by an enigmatic presence, and lingering beyond the acceptable duration may result in a forceful expulsion at the behest of this spectral figure. Incidents of resounding, thunderous banging have been reported for those who exceed the allotted time, characterizing the haunting as an intelligent phenomenon.

The Wells Fargo Post Office has gained an eerie reputation due to the window facing the mine shaft. Numerous accounts, sightings, and captured photos depict a ghostly apparition outside the structure. Extended stays within may lead to a potential encounter with these ghostly figures. The haunting is characterized as residual.

The Assay Building stands as the paranormal heart of the town, where both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Bros captured images of imposing, giant beings inhabiting its spaces. There are even accounts of Henry Wickenburg, the town’s founder, appearing prominently within the walls of the Smelting Room. Shadows, disembodied voices, and visitors sensing an otherworldly surge of energy contribute to the unsettling atmosphere, compelling unwanted guests to leave. The haunting phenomena encompass poltergeist, residual, and intelligent occurrences.

The Brothel hosts a community of playfully flirtatious spectral inhabitants, engaging in activities such as object manipulation, levitation, and door slamming. They exhibit a penchant for the sounds of music and laughter, creating an atmosphere of ethereal revelry. Even Demi Lovato experienced a ghostly standing ovation from these apparitions during a serenade. The haunting phenomenon is classified as poltergeist activity.

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